Special Thanks

The greatest part about being a Fire Weaver is getting to work with all of the following fabulous people. Thanks so much everyone for all of the time, the energy, and the creativity!

Alain Bard – costumes, videotaping, photography, promo materials, underwear consulting, technical support, the new web site and all around 24-hour availability

Matthew Clark – music editing, promo materials

Ray Canton, Dmitri Moiseev, Alissa Albert, Michael Razman- photography

Jean-Marc Abela - filming of 2004 Fire Weavers Demo

Electroshocks – filming of 2006 Fire Weavers Demo

Jerome, Eric, Stéphane, and Neil – live percussion.

Thievery Corporation and Eighteenth Street Lounge Music (ESL) for giving us permission to use their music in our 2004 demo and 2005 performances.

Eric Vani and Trevor Walker - previous versions of Fire Weavers show music

James Zdralek and Peter Tkalec – previous www.fireweavers.ca sites

Gabrielle - for being such a good girl while mommy practices and performs

All of those cute men at the hardware store who helped us build our hula hoops…and everyone else who has supported and encouraged us in so many different ways!


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