Fire Weavers solo, duet and trio

In 2003 Sophie and Amber, two professional fire dancers, met and joined forces to create the Fire Weavers and to bring a unique form of entertainment to all types of events. In 2009, Brigitte joined the team. These talented women now offer fantastic solo, duet or trio performances depending on the size of the venue, availability and budget. Audiences of all ages are left captivated by the magic and mystery of their dancing flames. They are presently based in the Ottawa/Gatineau area (Canada) and are more than happy to travel.

Every year these women create an even more spectacular fire show seen at all types of events. This impressive fire show has placed twice in the finale of the National Buskers Competition and won silver and bronze trophies in 2005 and 2006.




Sophie Latreille

Sophie has been performing and teaching performing arts since1990. She has an extensive training in many different forms of dance and is self taught in several different circus art forms. Her hobby and part time performance work became a full time career in 2005 and since then she is always pushing the limits to see just how far the techniques and artistry of fire dancing can be taken. Her expressive and creative nature has resulted in original pieces of performance art which are always highly unique and dynamic.

Sophie's exploration of circus arts such as juggling, hula hooping, poi, flower-sticks, clowning and acrobatics, culminates in the creation of Mini Cirque, a group of artists that provide high calibre entertainment for events and teach circus skills in various location including a summer circus day camp in Ottawa and Gatineau. Sophie now makes her living solely as both performer and teacher in the circus arts.





Amber Robson

Amber is a professional fire spinner with many years of experience. Her diverse background includes many forms of movement including African dance, martial arts, and yoga. Amber’s ability with the staff is inspired from her baton spinning days with a city marching band as a young girl. Amber hypnotizes the audience with her fluid grace and the intricate movements of her tools. Before the creation of the Fire Weavers, Amber performed with Ash Circle of Nova Scotia, and Gaïa Fire Dance of Saskatchewan.

Amber Robson has been performing with the Fire Weavers since 2003 and has since been a pioneer of the art-form - she was one of the first performers in North America to perform with a fire hula hoop! In 2008, she took a break from fire dancing and life in Canada to spend 7 months studying Argentine tango in Buenos Aires. Tango has brought new passion and creativity to her as an artist and she recently picked up her fire tools again especially for 2010 Lumiere festival.





Brigitte Ethier

Brigitte has been in love with hoop dance since her first encounter with this art in 2006 and has passionately trained and honed her technique and presentation over the last few years. With a strong background in figure skating, training under world renowned coaches and choreographers, she brings grace and fluidity to her intricate hoop manipulation and delivers energetic and engaging performances. Brigitte is an avid hoop performer and instructor teaching regular classes in the Ottawa area. You will also find her bringing her car full of different size hoops to special events ready to entertain and deliver workshops for all ages. Brigitte performs professionally with the hoop both as a solo artist and in duet choreographies featuring spectacular LED glow hoops and fire hoops and fire fans.

Photo courtesy of Bill Juliette




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